The back catalogue of label Safari Electronique, Safari Numerique is progressively added to the website and is available for download at 0,99 euros per track.

Various Artists – Safari Numerique Sampler Vol 3

Safari numerique 018 300px

Following Sampler Vol  2 and its underground hit Caldo by Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela, Safari Numerique is back with Sampler Vol 3 ! A collection of Safari favorites artists and some first timers with a specific quality style for all of them. Don’t miss it ! Sampler Vol 3 by Various Artists SAFNUM018...
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Peter JD – We Can Do This All Night EP (incl Joel Alter remix)

cover SAFNUM017 300px

Young, skilled and supremely talented, Peter JD, is an artist set for great things on the international scene. Having been fully immersed in club scene of his home city, it was his love for the legendary music of Detroit that really took hold of him. Taking his lead from the greats, adding his own...
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Re-UP – Back In A Day EP (incl Marco Faraone remix)


Back In A Day EP by Re-UP BUY DIGITAL We are proud to welcome Re-UP (Upon You / Dissonant) for their debut on Safari. A 4 tracks from deep to house & techouse with a powerful remix from Marco Faraone (Moon Harbour)… SAFNUM016 : Re-UP – Back In A Day EP 1 – Back In...
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Andrade – Be My Queen EP (incl Nico Lahs remix)

Safari numerique 015 cover 300px

Be My Queen EP by Andrade BUY DIGITAL 24 year old Andrade is without doubt, one of the most exciting talents from the current crop of young French producers. Having built a reputation within the Paris scene for his skills behind the decks, it was his early solo productions for Time Has Changed and...
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Arnaud Le Texier – Blunt Edge EP (incl Mr G remix)

Safari 048 final_Layout Side A_300px

Safari Electronique head honcho Arnaud Le Texier steps up to the plate to deliver a mighty home run with his “Blunt Edge” ep. Its been a whole twelve months since the Arnaud last graced the label, but since that time we have been treated to releases on Cocoon, Bass Culture and Children Of Tomorrow...
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Nick Daring – Wild EP (incl Andrade & Luca Bear remixes)

SAFNUM014 cover 300px

Wild EP by Nick Daring As you might know Safari Numerique likes to bring new artists in the market and we are really pleased to get Nick Daring on board ! We are sure that you gonna hear from him in the near future ! For his debut EP he delivered three strong pieces...
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Julien Sandre – Surrealistic EP (incl Robin Ordell, Micha Klang & Kuroneko remixes)

SAFNUM013 cover 300px

Surrealist EP by Julien Sandre After his shinning track on Tsuba we are happy to have Julien Sandre for a debut EP on Safari ! Julien delivers some superb groovy deep house tracks on this EP completed by two powerful remix from Micha Klang & Kuroneko (OFF, Safari, Glueckskind Schallplatten) and Robin Ordell (Half...
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Various Artists – Safari Numerique Sampler Vol 2


Sampler Vol 2 by Various Artists Safari Numerique is back with a wicked sampler ! A collection of famous & unfamous artists recordings with a specific quality style for all of them. Don’t miss it ! BUY DIGITAL SAFNUM012 : Various Artists – Safari Numerique Sampler Vol 2 1 – Dani Casarano & Felipe...
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Various Artists – Remake Musique Vol 9

remake music 009_Side A 300px

Remake Musique Vol 9 by Various Artists REMAKE009 : Various Artists – Remake Musique Vol 9 1 – Flp & Dni ft. Yvn – Party Girl (Toma_2) 2 – Sam Clarence – I’ve Got Soul 3 – Charly Deloin – Joker 1 4 – Dora – Who’s Pimping Who All streams are 3 minutes...
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Mark Chambers – Home Grown EP (incl Eric Volta & Doubtingthomas remixes)

Safari numerique 011 300px

Home Grown EP by Safari Electronique Mark Chambers has always found sanctuary in the corners of his mind, for in the corners you will find your true nature and true creative being. His mission is to free people from the confines of the music they are accustomed with and make them really think about...
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Emmanuel Ternois – Deep Throat EP (incl. Rainer and Niedermeier & Whitehead remixes)

cover SAFNUM010 300px

Inspired by jazz, funk and disco music as well as the work of artists such as Cannonball Adderley, Alice Coltrane, Patrick Adams,  Stones Throw Crew, The Pharcyde, Kenny Dixon jr, Derrick May…etc., Emmanuel Ternois started to mix house/techno music in 1991, as a DJ in Rennes city, France. At that period, Emmanuel mixed at...
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Javier Viudez – Heart Of Oak EP


Today’s release and the labels’ first vinyl of 2011 comes from a young man that we know very little about. Javier Viudez the Majorca born London resident who has been quietly and steadily forming a reputation on the production front. Releases on Stock 5, Serialism, Mean and Essential Reload have spread the word, but...
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Buck – After Need EP (incl. Argenis Brito remix)


We are happy to present you our new release on Safari Numerique ! This time it’s Buck (Motivbank, Litlle Helpers) who delivered a deep hypnotic selection of tracks with a nice remix from Argenis Brito (Cadenza). Alessandro Stefanio aka Buck was born in Maglie, Puglia, Italy. Since he was young he demonstrated a great...
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Hamid – From Here EP (incl Emmanuel Ternois & Pablo Tarno remixes)

SAFNUM008 cover 300px

DJ and producer Hamid was instantly immersed in music, growing up in the quiet south east of France. Brought up as by far the youngest of 5, his early years were full of musical inspiration from all genres and era’s. In 2006 he moved to London. The city, its playground of rhythm and creative diversity...
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Charly Delhom – Window Drop EP (incl. Ekkohaus remix)

Saf Num 007 Artowrk 300px

Born in France, Charly grew up on the sound of electronic rock and other weird contemporary movements. At the age of 19, he finishes college and moves out to London. It is there that he slowly grows a huge interest for electronic music. In 2003 everything starts for him, he launches his first warehouse...
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Hooved – Black & Chic EP (incl. Antonio De Angelis remix)


Hooved debut on Safari Electronique with a powerfull deep Ep. Perfectly produced with some nice groove and can remind you Johnny D. Hooved knows how to use cazy Efx and make you swing. Hooved fascinated from a young age by the world of music in 2001 he began his career as a producer. Despite...
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Niedermeier & Whitehead – No Idea EP


Werner Niedermeier and Gareth Whitehead are very successful producers, dj’s and label heads in their own right. Now the duo are now collaborating on what looks like being one of the most exciting musical partnerships in recent times. Werner Niedermeier will need no introduction to those familiar with the European techno and house scene....
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Antonio De Angelis – The Relative Size Of A Planet EP (incl. Ed Davenport remix)


After the summer break Safari Electronique are back, with a vengeance. Kicking off proceedings we welcome back label regular and hot property, Antonio de Angelis. Whether under his own name or that of his alias Toni D, Antonio has consistently turned out exciting releases on a number of great labels. 2010 has already seen...
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Various Artists – Safari Numerique Sampler Vol 1

Safari numerique 005

First Various Artists on Safari Numerique with a lot of new talents Antonio de Angelis, Charly Delho, Darlyn Vlys, Mirco Violi, The Black Stone Legacy, Werner Neidermeier & Gareth Whitehead. SAFNUM005 – Various Artists – Safari Numerique Sampler Vol 1 01 – Charly Delhom – Storm Ride 02 – Darlyn Vlys – Salvame 03...
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Antonio De Angelis & Arnaud Le Texier – Down Is The New Up EP

Layout 1

Safari regular de Angelis‘ last appearance again alongside Arnaud on ‘Breath of Night‘ as part of the Various Artist EP that was Safari 041. One of the key DJ’s on the London scene, Antonio can be found spinning at many of the capital’s finest nights. On the production front, he has released and remixed...
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