Buck – After Need EP (incl. Argenis Brito remix)

April 1, 2011

We are happy to present you our new release on Safari Numerique ! This time it’s Buck (Motivbank, Litlle Helpers) who delivered a deep hypnotic selection of tracks with a nice remix from Argenis Brito (Cadenza). Alessandro Stefanio aka Buck was born in Maglie, Puglia, Italy. Since he was young he demonstrated a great interest in music, especially electronic music. His dj sets are a mix of underground sounds, deep house and techno, always making new experiments, keeping the musical atmosphere unique. His natural talent at the turntable has naturally pushed him to attempt in the production of music, thanks to the collaboration and inspiration of his old friends Margot, Limo, The Southern Alliance, Kriss, Frankie Giotta. His releases on upcoming Italian labels such as Undercut, Margot rec have received very good feedbacks. Recently his release on MotivBank has been played by most of the biggest djs such as Andre Galluzzi, Onur Ozer, Nick Curly and Guido Schneider. His last release on Little Helpers confirmed his talent as a great producer and we are really pleased to have him on board!

SAFNUM009 – Buck – After Need EP

1 – After Need
2 – Soul
3 – Love Saves
4 – Balto
5 – After Need (Argenis Brito remix)

Out on digital April 11th 2011


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Love saves and after need, are really nicely done….will play them….i also liked the remix…..nice release Ekkohaus – great release! Tiefschwarz Ali – loves slaves is the one for me bomba also balto Seth Troxler – nice vibe Raresh – Very cool sound…. Balto is my pick here… full support! Simone Gatto (Flame Rec) – very nice remix !! Anthony Collins – nice ep! Someone Else – DOPE! I like all the tracks but Balto is my favorite. So cool. Alland Byallo – Very good Ep…my fav are “love saves” and Argenis work !! Pepper – Balto is the one, but all all quality stuff thanks 🙂 Nathan Coles – full support, excellent bassline Dolce Pulgadas Radioshow – Very difficult to say which track i love more…very solid package Manuel De Lorenzi – Great EP, full support! Santorini – balto nice track for me Matteo Gatti

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